What is Canada’s favourite ice cream?

When it comes to the consumption of ice cream, Canadians come out near the top. We rank #6 in the world, with the average Canadian enjoying close to 4.5 litres of ice cream every year. That’s around 85 scoops!

Even the cold weather doesn’t slow us down. In fact, Canada is the largest ice cream consumer during the winter months. (We’re guessing that’s where the phrase “You know you’re Canadian when you eat ice cream in the middle of winter” comes from.)  And in a nation of ice cream eaters, vanilla is still the number one pick. “Canadians love vanilla ice cream because of its versatility,” notes Penny Chapman, president of Chapman’s. “It goes with so many desserts and takes them from ordinary to great.”

But interestingly, in 2018 second place went to Cookies and Cream with Black Cherry coming in third – ahead of classics like chocolate and strawberry.
Canadians love their single-serve novelties too. And according to AC Nielsen, Chapman’s ice cream sandwiches are leading sales in Canada.

“Many people enjoy the synergy between crunchy wafers and smooth ice cream,” says Chapman’s VP, Ashley Chapman. “And sandwiches are a perfect on-the-go treat with a blend of vanilla and chocolate flavours.”

Our ice cream sandwich machine can produce up to 300 sandwiches a minute – or 432,000 sandwiches every day. We use more than 70 million cookies for ice cream sandwiches every year. If you put all those cookies in a line, it would stretch from one coast of Canada to the other.

Most of all, Ashley says Canadians like variety. “Our customers are always coming up with interesting and extravagant ideas for ice cream flavours they’d like to try,” he says.

As Canada’s largest independent and family-owned ice cream maker, Chapman’s doesn’t disappoint. Our product lineup includes more than 280 frozen treats, including premium ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbets, water ice Lollys and novelties.
So, whether you’re like most Canadians and crave a classic scoop of vanilla, or have a taste for something more exotic, we’ve got a frozen treat that is sure to hit the spot.

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