International Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

On Saturday, February 5th, many ice cream lovers across the world will be celebrating International Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. While conversations about ice cream don’t come naturally during the coldest time of the year, it is the ultimate excuse to start your day on a sweet note, bring your family together, or to kickstart a community fundraiser.

Here, in Canada, the most common way to incorporate ice cream into your breakfast is to top a waffle or pancakes with a scoop of your favourite frozen treat. But options for a delectable ice cream breakfast are endless. You can replace your bowl of cereal with a filling and satisfying ice cream sandwich or make a sundae with Frozen Yogurt and fresh nutritious fruit.


The European tradition of adding a scoop of ice cream into coffee is also slowly picking up across Canada. Adding a scoop of Tahitian Vanilla Bean Ice Cream or Salty Caramel Frozen Yogurt can transform an ordinary drink into an over-the-top, buzz-worthy taste adventure.

There might be a few benefits to starting your day with a scoop of ice cream as well. A study from Kyorin University in Tokyo found that moderate portions of ice cream for breakfast is good for you. With over 180 different flavours of ice cream and Frozen Yogurt, Chapman’s offers something for everyone on this special occasion.

The holiday originated in the early 60’s in New York and eventually was picked up by many ice cream enthusiasts around the world. This celebration is especially close to the hearts of Canadians, who are known for consuming more ice cream during the winter months than any other nation. How will you celebrate this wonderful occasion?

NSA Dutch Chocolate ice cream layered in crepes
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