Special Ice Cream Days That You’ll Want to Celebrate

6 Fun Ways to Celebrate Ice Cream Month

Did you know that July is the National Ice Cream Month? We think this sounds like a perfect celebration to beat the heat as the summer temps rise.

With the National Ice Cream Day landing on the third Sunday of the Month, the total number of ice cream related days and holidays in July adds up to six! So, let’s celebrate together! With over 160 ice cream products in production, Chapman’s will be sure to keep your taste buds satisfied all month long.

Here are six fun ways you can celebrate the National Ice Cream Month:

1. Have an ice cream party. 

While ice cream socials aren’t very common, they are proven to be crowd pleasing events for all ages. Setting up a sundae bar is easy! Pick up a few tubs and boxes of your favourite ice cream flavours, set up a variety of toppings and pull out some spoons.

A Child is behind a self made ice cream counter. The counter is full of Ice Cream, Ice Cream cones, and various ice cream toppings. There is a banner below the table that says summer
Picture of our ultimate ice cream cake with sandwiches on and cookies on the outside

2. Use creativity and have fun with your own homemade recipes.

Ice cream is a surprisingly versatile ingredient to use in homemade desserts. Whether it’s an ice cream cake, sandwiches, or cupcakes, we’ve got many easy-peasy ideas you’ll be sure to enjoy making with your family. Easy Peasy Desserts – Chapman’s Ice Cream (chapmans.ca).

3. Visit the local ice cream shop.

Scoop shops always bring back warm childhood memories, so why not treat yourself to a scoop or two and travel down memory lane. If it’s a colourful scoop of Super Hero, a Bubblegum flavour, Rum & Raisin or any other of your favourites, they’re sure to take your taste buds on a delightful journey of joy! Did you know that Chapman’s makes 49 different scooping ice cream flavours? Look here to find a scoop shop near you.

4. Thank Canadian dairy farmers.

Canadian dairy farmers work hard every day to make Canadian milk better in every way. And you can really taste the goodness of the Canadian milk and cream when you eat Chapman’s ice cream. So, let’s enjoy some ice cream and show appreciation for our hardworking farmers.


5. Do an ice cream crawl.

At times ice cream can be adventurous, daring, and risky. Are you brave enough to try new and unusual flavours? Will you fall in love with the black licorice ripple of our iconic Tiger Tail flavour or will you be taken away by the tangy and fruity taste of our Cherry Peach Passion Sorbet? What ice cream flavours do you find too adventurous for your taste? We challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and celebrate ice cream month with a new flavour you’ve never thought of trying before!

A picture of a person with red pants wearing our ice creams socks

6. Embrace ice cream patterns.

How about some ice cream fashion for this special occasion? Festive, entertaining, and quite unique ice cream prints are sure to put a smile on many faces. Our online store offers a few items you might like: Chapman’s E-Store | Chapman’s Ice Cream (chapmans.store)

And here are a few other tips to keep in mind when planning an Ice Cream celebration. According to our latest surveys, Canada’s favourite way to eat ice cream is out of a cone. Also, did you know that the most popular Ice Cream topping is a hot fudge syrup? Canada’s favourite ice cream flavour is the one and only – Vanilla! While it’s basic, it’s anything but boring.

Important days in July to add to your calendar:
July 7th – National Strawberry Sundae Day
July 8th – National Ice Cream Sundae Day
July 16th – National Ice Cream Day
July 17th – National Peach ice cream day
July 23rd – National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
July 25th – National Hot Fudge Sundae Day

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