Popular ice cream flavours inspired by Canadians

Each region of Canada has its own distinct foods and flavours. From coast to coast, these tastes are inspired by the various cultures and contrasting landscapes that our beautiful country has to offer. Although there are great differences, there are also some distinct flavours that top the charts for consumers nationwide. When it comes to ice cream, these are three of our top flavours inspired by Canadians.

#1 – Canadian Maple, Eh! Ice Cream Bar

Three Canadian Maple, Eh ice cream bars laid side-by-side on a white rectangle plate on top of a wooden table with a small dish of maple syrup

Canada’s liquid gold isn’t just for pouring on your pancakes.

As the largest producer of maple syrup in the world, it comes naturally that it’s one of the country’s favourite flavours. The distinctive taste of this sweet syrup melds perfectly with our smooth vanilla ice cream. Shaped like a maple leaf, these Chapman’s Canadian Collection ice cream bars are swirled with real Canadian maple syrup – you can taste the authenticity!

Although delightfully sweet, these bars are only 90 calories each, which makes them an easy dessert option for the whole family. Made with 100% Canadian dairy, you won’t find a more Canadian frozen treat!

#2 – Saucy Spots Salty Caramel Premium Ice Cream

Many Canadians love the deep flavours of a rich salted caramel.

There’s something enticing about the salty-sweet combination that always has us going back for more. Combined with velvety-smooth caramel flavoured ice cream, our Premium Caramel Saucy Spots features pockets of syrupy caramel in every bite. Of course, you can savour a scoop of this golden ice cream all on its own, but can you imagine how delightful this would be on top of a warm apple crisp? Absolute perfection!

Fun Fact: In 2016, this sweet and saucy ice cream was voted the best ice cream of the year by the International Ice Cream Consortium. When it comes to the best ice cream in Canada, this premium flavour is at the top of grocery lists across the country. For those who find comfort in the golden hued sauce, this ice cream may be your new favourite dessert.

#3 – Maple Walnut Premium Ice Cream

As 75% of the world’s maple syrup is produced in Canada, of course we had to include another maple flavoured treat!

It’s one of those things that is distinctively Canadian, like poutine or butter tarts. Although maple syrup production happens in the spring, we’re tapping into the comforting flavours of this Canadian classic all year round.

The walnut pieces in this luscious maple flavoured ice cream add a savoury depth of nuttiness. Perfect for those who like a contrasting crunch to their smooth and creamy ice cream! This first-rate flavour pairs well with homemade desserts and is sure to please those who love the natural sweetness of a Canadian-made maple syrup. 

Like all our Premium ice creams, our Maple Walnut is made with natural flavours and colours and features fresh cream from 100% Canadian cows. There’s no moo-staking that this nutty classic is a satisfying go-to for Canucks across the country.

Whether or not you grew up with the sweet tastes of maple syrup or salty caramel, these treats are a must try for those who call Canada home.

They’re made with the finest ingredients, including high-quality Canadian dairy and natural flavours and colours. Visit your local grocery store and try one of our flavours inspired by Canadian favourites today! 

And if these three flavours don’t make it to your grocery list, check out our wide range of other innovative treats on our product page where you will always find an up-to-date list of the products we offer. There’s sure to be one that will have you coming back for more!