Vanilla Chocolate Chip Milkshake

In search of a simply perfect milkshake recipe? Look no further! This milkshake combines rich and creamy Chapman’s French Vanilla ice cream with chocolate pieces and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. What could be a better combination? Find the ingredients for this delicious recipe here.

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  • Chapman's Premium French Vanilla ice cream
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup roughly chopped chocolate
  • chocolate sauce

Preparation Instructions

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Add 4-5 scoops of Chapman's Premium French Vanilla ice cream to a blender.
Add 1 cup of milk.
Add 1 cup of roughly chopped chocolate.
Blend together until desired thickness is achieved. Add more milk if necessary.
Before you pour your milkshake in a glass, drizzle chocolate sauce around the inside of the glass.
Pour your milkshake into the glass. Garnish with a scoop of Chapman's French Vanilla ice cream and sprinkle with chocolate pieces.