Taste buds, rejoice for Chapman’s new 2021 products!

We’re introducing four new products for 2021 that will excite your taste buds with irresistible sweet-meets-salty combos and popular flavours reimagined into innovative new treats. Available across Canada, these new products include an indulgent 2L Premium ice cream, two peanut/nut free Super cones with a nostalgic flavour twist and a chocolatey cookie filled Canadian Collection bar.

Premium Ice Cream

We’ve added a deliciously nutty new flavour to our Premium 2L ice cream collection – Pistachio & Almonds. Made with fresh Canadian cream, it’s a lusciously rich ice cream with crunchy almond pieces throughout. A popular choice among scoop shop enthusiasts, this sweet and savory ice cream is now available in our 2L tubs.

Made with natural flavours and colours, the beautiful pastel-green hue adds a touch of elegance to homemade dessert recipes. If you’re looking for a burst of flavour, this is the perfect ice cream to brighten up your taste buds. For those who love our indulgent Premium ice cream, this new flavour is a must try!

Two Twister Ice Cream Cones in a glass cup on a tabletop


Super cones are a fan-favourite from coast to coast and we’ve welcomed a brand new flavour combo to the lineup. Swirling two classic flavours together in one cone, our new Super Twister Cones combine vanilla and chocolate ice cream into a single tasty treat. The salty caramel centre of the Caramel Twister Cone was made for those who enjoy the savory notes of a rich caramel sauce. For chocolate lovers, our Chocolate Twister Cone is filled with a sinfully delicious chocolate core.

Made in the Chapman’s peanut/nut free facility, these are a safe and delicious option for ice cream lovers with nut allergies. Our Super Twister Cones are a convenient grab-and-go snack – and with two flavours of cones in each box, there’s a combination everyone can enjoy. These are sure to be your family’s new essential summer treat!

Canadian Collection

One of our best-selling ice cream flavours has been transformed into a new first-class snack. Made with fresh cream and rich chocolatey cookies, our new Cookies & Cream flavoured ice cream bar has just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy your cravings for a delectable frozen treat. At only 55mL each, this petite Canadian Collection bar is a great snack option for all ages. Enjoy the cookies and cream flavour in every bite – even the chocolate coating is filled with cookie pieces! It’s a cookie lover’s dream.

We hope you’ll enjoy these new creations from the Chapman’s team. To find any of these products in a store near you, please visit our Store Locator. Don’t forget to share your experience with us on social media with #ChapmansIceCream. We look forward to hearing from you!