Chapman’s original ice cream has a new look, same great taste!

After 50 years of being a staple in homes across Canada, Chapman’s original ice cream has been rebranded.

This flagship line may have a new look, but it’s still made with the same recipes and comes in the same 2L size that consumers have come to know and love. Introducing Markdale Creamery ice cream.

This updated look incorporates the historical significance of this beloved Canadian company.

The building featured on our updated packaging is of the old creamery in Markdale, Ontario, where David and Penny Chapman started making their original ice cream in 1973. As a family-run business that has withstood the test of time, Chapman’s proudly celebrates its history and heritage in all its initiatives, and the same values remain with Markdale Creamery.

A photo from 1973 of the original Chapman's production facility in Markdale, Ontario. It's a white, two-story building with a large sign that says Chapman's Ice Cream Ltd.
The original production facility for Chapman’s Ice Cream in Markdale, Ontario, is featured in the branding and packaging of Markdale Creamery.

While change can be hard for some, fans of the brand will be delighted to know that their Markdale Creamery ice cream is made to the same standards of taste and accessibility as the original flavours. This line continues to be made with 100% Canadian Dairy and is Peanut/Nut Free, Gluten Free, and made with Natural Flavours and Colours.

As the demand for ice cream that meets special dietary needs continues to grow, Chapman’s has yet again set the bar for allergen-free standards.

Every batch of Markdale Creamery ice cream is meticulously tested for egg containing ingredients before it leaves our facility, thus donning a new Egg Free allergy badge. While currently only our Markdale Creamery ice cream is guaranteed Egg Free, we do plan on offering new products with the Egg Free badge soon.

A close up view of Chapman's Markdale Creamery packaging, highlighting their food allergy logos. These logos include Gluten Free, Peanut/Nut Free, and Egg Free.
Chapman’s Markdale Creamery ice cream features a new Egg Free badge

The new packaging will reach freezer aisles in stores across Canada starting in November 2022. All original flavours will be transitioned to the new Markdale Creamery design by the end of 2023.

Did you know that many of the original Chapman’s ice cream flavours are still offered today? This includes fan-favourites such as Butterscotch Ripple and Dutch Chocolate, as well as unique flavours like our Orange Pineapple.

We can’t wait to see and hear how Canadians are scooping, slicing, and serving our new boxes of Markdale Creamery! Share your experience on social media by including the hashtag #ChapmansIceCream and #MarkdaleCreamery on your photos and videos or get inspired by all the ways you can enjoy Chapman’s classic Canadian flavours.

Whether you slice it, scoop it, or eat it straight out of the carton (we don’t judge!), boxes of Markdale Creamery ice cream will soon fill home freezers and happy bellies for years to come.

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