5 easy craft ideas using recycled Lolly, Twister & ice cream sticks

Are you looking for stay-at-home activity ideas to do with the kids? Get creative and try re-using Chapman’s Lolly, Twister and Super Ice Cream sticks in these five kid friendly #ChapmansCrafts! These eco-conscious crafts are also great for re-using scrap craft materials you already have around the house.

Chapman's Super ice cream sticks re-used to make picture frame

#5 – Picture Frame

Paint these Super ice cream sticks with fun patterns, decorate them with buttons or stickers, or leave them au naturel. You can stack multiple layers of sticks for a fun 3-D look! Instead of propping the tabletop frame up with sticks, add a magnet on the back to turn this into a magnetic refrigerator frame.

Mini flower pot made using Chapman's Canadian Collection sticks

#4 – Mini Flowerpot

What a great way for your kids to watch their very own plant grow, in a flowerpot they designed themselves! Wrap an old plastic Play-Doh container with a rectangle piece of felt (long enough to wrap around the container), gluing it down as you go. Glue on your painted Canadian Collection ice cream sticks and small rocks or gems, creating a pattern around the body of the pot.

#3 – Butterfly

Cut out the shape of butterfly wings from a felt or foam sheet and glue it on top of the Canadian Collection stick to complete your insect’s body. The sticks from our Canadian Collection have unique proportions to add dimension to your butterfly’s body. Add antenna and other decorative items of your choice. This is a great craft to re-use scrap pieces of ribbon, pipe cleaners, felt, etc. For an added element of fun, glue two googly eyes on your colourful butterfly – totally bugging out!

Did you know?!

The beechwood sticks used for all Chapman’s ice cream novelties come from sustainable forest sources and are produced as part of the Smart Wood initiative. All raw materials come from wood that is PEFC or FSC-certified.­ Click to read more about how Chapman’s is committed to a greener future and how we’re working to minimize our environmental impact.

Floating raft craft made with Chapman's Twister sticks

#2 – Floating Raft

This is a double duty craft, turning into a water activity for tons of backyard fun! Our Twister water ice treats have unique cylinder-shaped sticks that are perfect for crafts. You can use them to create a base for your raft. To help the raft stay afloat, glue the sticks onto a square sheet of craft foam. Cut two holes in another square sheet of craft foam, one at the top and one at the bottom. Insert a Twister stick into the foam, making a sail for your raft. Connect your sail with the raft using two flat and long Super ice cream sticks glued on either side at the sail’s base. Personalize each child’s raft by decorating the sails with stickers, gems and markers. Grab a straw for some DIY wind power and see whose raft can tame the kiddie pool seas!

Flower vase craft made using Chapman's Lolly sticks

#1 – Flower Vase

Glue your painted Super or Lolly sticks around the perimeter of a Mason jar or tall plastic cup (using one of these containers will allow you to fill it with water to nourish fresh cut flowers). Once the sticks are set and the glue has had time to dry, glue on your embellishments; seashells were used on our vase to create a pretty seaside theme with the metallic blue paint. This vase makes a great hand-made gift for family and friends and could also be used to hold other craft materials, like markers, scissors or pencil crayons.

In addition to Super, Canadian Collection, Twister or Lolly sticks, here are some suggested materials you may also need:

  • Glue Stick
  • White Craft Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Felt Sheet(s)
  • Foam Sheet(s)
  • Stickers, Buttons or Other Small Decorative Items
  • Small Rocks or Shells
  • Mason Jar or Plastic Cup
  • Markers
  • Ribbon
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Old Plastic Play-Doh Container
  • Pipe Cleaners

Share your fun ice cream stick crafts with us on social media using #ChapmansCrafts 😊 We can’t wait to see your eco-conscious creations!

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