12 mind-blowing facts about Chapman’s ice cream

Here are 12 fun facts about Chapman’s Ice Cream that may surprise you.

1. Last year, we made 53 million liters of ice cream, enough to fill more than 21 Olympic swimming pools.

2. Chapman’s makes 286 different kinds of ice cream. Have you tried them all?

3. Our top selling flavour is Vanilla, with Cookies and Cream in second place and Black Cherry in third.

4. We produce 2 million litres of Chapman’s Original Vanilla ice cream every year. That’s the equivalent of 10,526 bath tubs full of ice cream.

5. We use 150,000 kg of liquid dark chocolate every year, which is as heavy as 30 elephants.

6. We use even more caramel – almost 700,000 kgs a year.

7. Chapman’s ice cream sandwich machine can produce up to 300 sandwiches a minute. That’s 432,000 sandwiches a day!

8. We make enough ice cream sandwiches each year for every Canadian to have one.

9. We use more than 70 million cookies for our ice cream sandwiches annually. If you put all those cookies in a line, they’d stretch from one coast of Canada to the other.

10. The 300,000,000 ice cream sticks we use every year would travel the full circumference of the earth (and they are all 100% sustainably sourced).

11. Our trucks travel more than 3 million kilometres a year, delivering more than 6 million bundles of Chapman’s ice cream to Canadians in every province and territory.

12. Chapman’s new nut-free facility is 265,000 square feet, which is bigger than 5 football fields!

Our story began when David and Penny Chapman bought a small creamery in Markdale Ontario back in 1973. More than 45 years later, Chapman’s is one of Canada’s largest independent ice cream and frozen yogurt manufacturers.