Over 20% of Canadians consider themselves night owls, but only a few would prefer to work during night times. Why is that? The overall negative connotation of night shift work has certainly played a big role in shaping people’s perceptions. However, those who decide to pursue roles that keep them awake when many are asleep, tend to enjoy multiple advantages and leverage great opportunities. Chapman’s Ice Cream offers employees the opportunity to work a straight night shift, rather than rotating through night shifts. This straight shift allows you to physically adjust to working nights rather then a constantly changing shift structure.

Take advantage of your biological clock

If you consider yourself a nocturnal person, you’ve probably noticed elevation in energy levels and improved attention span in the evenings and during nights. Night shifts accommodate your work schedule to your body’s circadian rhythm, allowing you to reach your most potential. Work according to your energy levels, not because of “normal” hours.

Get noticed, be valued, climb up the ladder

Hundreds of people work within the same space 9am-5pm with multiple supervisors, managers, directors constantly overseeing business processes. However, during the night shift things are different – people count on you. It is a prime position to showcase your employer that you can work independently and effectively. And while working in a more tranquil environment with less people, your productivity is bound to be much higher.

Spend more time with your family

Of course, you need to catch up on sleep after a night of work but having daylight time to yourself has endless advantages. You can have a luxury of picking up your children from school or taking them to afterschool activities. You can visit your relatives or have appointments without taking time off work. You can run errands and visit stores in a relaxed manner, unlike day shift workers who have an hour or two after work to race through their “To Do” lists before store closures.

Enjoy many other benefits of working for Chapman’s

Chapman’s Ice Cream was one of the first manufacturing facilities in the area to increase the starting wage to $16.50. All employees are provided with comprehensive Benefit Plan with first class coverage for prescriptions, dental, glasses, medical appliances, etc. Company contributes 5% to employees’ pension plans and offers up to 6 weeks of paid vacation time.


To learn more, please visit https://www.chapmans.ca/jobs-markdale-ontario/