Chapman’s Facility Measures In Response To COVID-19

Chapman’s Ice Cream considers the Health & Safety of its employees as one of its top priorities.

When the COVID-19 global pandemic came to Canada earlier this year, Chapman’s Ice Cream was at the forefront of companies securing personal protective equipment, implementing policies and working diligently to provide a safe and secure work environment.

Coming into work for your shift at Chapman’s looks very different today in comparison to just a few short months ago.  These changes have been well received by our employees and many employees have commented that they feel safe coming into work.


All Chapman’s employees must follow these guidelines:

  • Everyone entering the property must answer screening questions at the Security/Info Hut.
  • Employees are not permitted to enter the facility grounds if they report any symptoms or have had contact with anyone that is being tested for COVID-19.
  • Everyone proceeds from the Security/Info Hut to a separate screening building where your temperature is taken and the screening questions regarding symptoms are confirmed with you.
  • Any employee with a high temperature or with concerning answers to the screening questions will not be permitted further onto the facility grounds, they will be asked to leave and contact the Human Resources.
  • If you are permitted to enter the facility, you must sanitize your hands and put on a face mask supplied by the company. The face masks must be worn in the buildings at all times, with the exception of eating and drinking while on break or lunch.
  • Employees are required to change into their clean uniforms and wear bump caps with a plastic face shield attached.
  • Social distancing is always practiced within Chapman’s facility, including lunchrooms and the changerooms.
  • Plexiglass dividers have been installed on all production lines where social distancing is not possible.
  • Any employees calling in sick for a scheduled shift will be followed up by the HR department and might be asked to go for a COVID-19 testing, based on their symptoms.
  • Washing and sanitizing of your hands has always been an important requirement for everyone working within the facility, but it is even more important now and strictly enforced.
  • Additional cleaning staff has been added to each shift to ensure that heavy traffic areas, such as computer touch screens, are sanitized on a rigorous schedule. All meeting rooms are sanitized after each use and the screening trailer is wiped down every chance possible, frequently between each visitor.
  • The management team is working closely with local Public Health officials to ensure that every available measure is being utilized and this virus can be neutralized as soon as possible.

Biosecurity measures have always been a part of health and safety measures at Chapman’s Ice Cream, COVID-19 has shown how important these measures are and how following them can help to save lives.

Chapaman's Community Involvement in fighting COVID

Chapman’s Ice Cream did not only procure enough Personal Protective Equipment to protect our workers, but has also put a lot of effort into assisting and supporting other local essential services such as the Markdale Hospital, Grey Gables Long-Term Care, First Nations, Grey-Bruce Health Unit, Midwives of Ontario, the OPP and many more.