Party Tips


When organizing a kid's party, be it a birthday or any gathering, be aware of kids that might have nut sensitivities and allergies. Chapman's Original line is peanut/nut free and made in our completely nut-free facility.

We also have gluten free, no sugar added and lactose free ice cream for those with other food sensitivities.

As for fun party ideas, there are some suggestions below to jump-start your party planning.


Shout out "Who wants ice cream?" and kids (and grown-ups) come running. In 40 years of making Canada's best-selling ice cream, we've learned a thing or two about what kids love.

Try these Chapman's classic kid favourites at your next party:


What about DIY ice cream sundaes? Kids love being creative and they love ice cream. Have a few different ice cream flavours on hand and an exciting spread of sundae toppings. Put out just about anything from mini marshmallows and sprinkles to cookie pieces and fresh fruit and kids will whip up their own frozen masterpieces.

Sweeten the party with a twist on a classic relay race. Give an ice cream cone to each racer, and have them scamper across the finish line while balancing coloured golf balls in the cone.

For more ideas check out our dessert recipes.


A great way to keep ice cream in top party form is to pre-scoop and freeze the flavours you want to use. Using either disposable containers with lids or small wide-mouth mason jars, scoop and freeze your ice cream or frozen yogurt ahead of time. Moms save time and mess.

Or serve our Lollys. These naturally flavoured treats are water based, so they're good for a little extra hydration on hot days. Better still, check out our Sport Lolly's for an added electrolyte boost!


Yes! Keep it clean and give everyone colourful aprons to wear and roll out the easy-clean tablecloth while the ice cream madness is in full swing. Parents will love their clean, post-party children.

Another option is Chapman's Ice Cream Sandwiches, available in a variety of flavours, individually wrapped for an easy to eat treat.

If you and yours have discovered a great new way to present and/or serve our products, we would be happy to add these to our list! Please send an email to