Nutrition Facts About Chapman's Ice Cream

We're becoming more aware of what's in our food and what's healthy to eat. Here are a few tips so you can enjoy Chapman's Ice Creams, Frozen Yogurts, and Novelties while still keeping in mind a healthy lifestyle. And hey, it's OK to have treats, just make sure they are part of a nutritious, balanced diet!

Frozen Yogurt is a good alternative for those looking for a low fat, full-flavour option:

  • Less fat than traditional ice creams
  • Comes in a variety of great flavours

Lollys are a yummy low-calorie treat:

  • Only 60 calories per serving and fat free
  • Naturally flavoured, peanut/nut free and gluten free, so ideal for those with these food sensitivities
  • A nice way to help keep kids hydrated on hot summer days

Li'l Treats make portion control easy so that you can enjoy a Chapman's treat while being mindful of a healthy lifestyle complete with smaller portions:

  • Li'l Lollys contain only 35 calories per serving, but deliver lots of flavour

Chapman's also offers individual servings like ice cream sandwiches, low fat yogurt bars, and many other novelties.