The Reason We Started Producing Lactose Free Ice Cream

It began with phone calls to Chapman’s from parents frustrated that their children were having difficulties finding something safe and delicious. That was all Penny Chapman needed -- the company began to develop a process to make an ice cream for all kids to enjoy.

Chapman’s has lactose-free ice cream that is rich and creamy. How do we do this? Well, the Canadian Food & Inspection Agency has strict regulations stating that to be defined as lactose free, 99% of the original lactose must be eliminated from the product. So we have a process whereby we treat the ice cream mixture with an enzyme before production, which breaks down the lactose in the dairy eliminating 99% of it. After the 24-hour enzymatic process, we do lactose testing on the ice cream to ensure it is below acceptable minimums. Our lactose-free No Sugar Added Ice Cream passes the test every time!

And as a bonus, this line has no sugar added. Other options for lactose free treats include our Sorbets and a selection of our Super Lollys. Delicious and safe: now that’s a winning combination!

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